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Move Apps To SD Card In Android

When you plan to buy a smartphone the important feature I think about is an internal storage of the smartphone. Everyone don’t want any kind of limitations today in the smartphone. I remember that I had my first Android smartphone running on Android 2.3.7 Gingerbread. it was running on 160 MB internal storage and you will surprise that Ram was only 260 MB. I remember the limitations of that device yet. Everyone was looking for limitless device. Today’s smartphone technology has grown very fast and advance. Smartphones are going to be an integral part of our life. So everyone don’t want to compromise with the storage options. It was really hard to move all the apps to external SD card. This feature was available only on premium devices or on some devices.

          This was a major update with many new features. As per the survey done by Google nearly 32% of Android devices running on Android 6.0 Marshmallow in August 2017. one of the important and not highlighted feature of this update is Adoptable Storage. This feature is useful for low range smartphones at its internal storage is very less. Very few people know about it.

          Adoptable storage means you can use external Micro SD card as your internal storage. When you insert external Micro SD card on your Android device, it will ask you two options to use it as portable storage or as internal storage. Now Android devices running on Android 6.0 Marshmallow & Up having ability to adapt external storage to act like internal storage. When you select the option to use micro SD card as internal storage, then it’s formatted and encrypted to work only with a single Android device. This adoptable storage option lets you to turn a removable micro SD card into a more or less permanent and no longer removable part of the device. This feature is really useful for those devices which comes with less internal storage. Because of less internal storage you can’t install more apps on your device. This option will increase the memory of the device and you can install more apps on it. For example if your device has 4 GB internal storage from which 2 GB is user accessible memory. In this case you have the limitation of 2 GB storage to install apps on this device. If you adopt and MicroSD card as internal storage then you can break this limitation. Big new memory card will be act like your internal storage. I know you are excited to know how to do it. So let’s begin the steps. Please note that to use your external Micro SD card as internal storage you must have fastest high quality memory card like Class 10. Don’t try it with cheap low quality memory card. We are not responsible for any data loss.

When you insert a new MicroSD Card, it will prompt the options to choose from portable storage or internal storage. If you select it to portable storage then it will act as normal Micro SD card as usual. If you want to use the memory card as internal storage then select “Internal Storage”. Then the setup will begin and your new Micro SD Card will be formatted as Internal Storage of the device.

If you are using your Micro SD card as portable storage from a long time and you are planning to use it as internal storage, what’s take a backup of all the data on the micro SD card. Now insert memory card on the device. Go to the Settings then Storage & click on the MicroSD Card. Now open the dropdown menu from top left corner of the screen. Then select “Storage Settings”.

Now click on “Format as Internal” I hope you have already taken the backup of the data from your MicroSD Card. Next step is to select “Erase & Format”. Formatting will take few minutes then it will ask you to move the existing data to new storage space. You can choose it out for your choice. Now you have successfully formatted your MicroSD card as Internal Storage. My enjoy more Apps on your Android device & limitless storage options. I hope you like this tutorial. Let me know in the comments section if you have any queries.

Precautions & Notes:

Please remember to use at least class 10 micro SD card to make it as internal storage of adaptable storage. Please don’t try this with low quality cheap Micro SD cards. We are not responsible for any data loss. Please note that you can’t use your Micro SD card anywhere else except your Android device after this process as it will be a part of an internal storage. You can physically remove the MicroSD card from your Android device but still you can’t use it anywhere else. If you remove the micro SD card then your device will ask you for it may show some errors as the data is stored on the micro SD card. If you want to use your memory card at Portable Storage as always then simply format it after taking backup of the data on it

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